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Vampire Strikers

Vampire Strikers, Big tone, Wide Flan, Reckless, Mich Nutz
Big Tone, Mad Man Mich, Wide Flan & Reckless

This Hair Metal Monster takes no prisoners. His Bass AKA The peace keeper..


"All I have in this world is my Balls and my Bass, and I don't play with 'em for Just anyone." 


Author of the Book: Drink, Drugs & Deep Fried Crispy Porky Cake.

"You're all amateurs!."

On the run from the Shadow People..

"Is it Shroom Thursday Yet? Psilocybin Friday? Must be DMT Tuesday!


He May look like a 70's porn star but he's an accomplished High wire act from Brazil and Lucha Libre Wrestler aka "Poisón Blanco" 

"Hey! Get your hands of my wood or I'll flip yeh! That's right flip yeh!

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Return of the Monk

the monk.jpg

Not sure if the Dark Monk has anything to do with the whereouts of Mad man Mich but he has recliamed the chair  of Thunder.

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