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Days of Chaos

Udder Chaos 

Vampire strikers, Phil Mcgibbon

Big Tone, The Dark Monk, Reckless

The Dark Monk known for his Skullet hair style and interest in the Occult became increasingly difficult to work with. Often slipping away into a mental abyss, staring at his distorted reflection in the cymbals for hours. Hallucinogens and The Satanic Bible were taking their toll?

The final straw came when he failed to turn up for rehearsals and was found wandering around a nearby wood caped in mud and blaming the machine elfs for steeling his memories. 


After splitting from Chaos he spent most of his time hiding out in the Dolomites rumored to be concocting a highly hallucinogenic drug that would bridge the gap between our world and what he called "The Chaos Engine"


He has now return and reclaimed his seat as a Vampire Striker. No questions were asked.

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