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Up coming gigs:

Italy, Badia pub (aka: bad idea) - Feb 2025

Burghfest - Sat 28th September 2024 


WittStock - Sat 22nd June 2024 

Reading (Oakford Social Club) - 29th October 2023  

Mortimer (Horse and Groom) - 20th July 2023

Italy, Badia pub (aka: bad idea) - 9th Feb 2023




Big Tone (aka Thunder Fingers) - Absolute Lunatic on stage.

Wide Flan - Likes stage diving with or without a crowd

The Dark Monk - Making cheese and pickle sandwiches between songs.

The Sweat - He sweats, he sweats alot.

Reckless - Expect 5-8 mins of silence during a gig as he tends to trip over his own guitar cable and cause tech blackouts. Clumsy Twat!


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