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When we were Pants

Vampire Strikers,  Big Tone, Wide Flan, Dirk Hammer, Reckless

Velcro Underpants

Big Tone, Wide Flan, Dirk Hammer & Reckless

After the departure of The Dark Monk Velcro Underpants was formed with new drummer D. Hammer

The truth of what really happened to the Hammer is still a mystery.


The maverick drummer always looking to push the boundaries of percussion set off in search of new rhythmic techniques by exploring some of the most remote regions of the world. He never return.


He's whereabouts is still unknown.

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"He would throw his sticks at me during rehearsal and yell some crazy German shit then all hell would break out. Not much left of the studio - not much left of his drum kit." 

Big Tone

Vampire Striker

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Late Addition

Brief encounter with Velcro Underpants making only one appearance. Shortly after migrated back to his home land Australia.

The last anyone heard, Dundee was watching "The Clown Virus" an episode of The Goodies and laughed continuously for 25 minutes falling from his hammock causing minor injuries.

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